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Jennifer Ditter decides to reward a pair of remarkable foster parents with her challenge money. Jan and Eric care for children with serious medical and emotional issues with little chance of finding adoptive homes.

Jennifer knows Jan and Eric because they agreed to take in her two teenage nieces who have cystic fibrosis. Their mother is unable to care for them and they don't always get along with each other. Jennifer and her husband Scott had hoped to care for the girls, but after five weeks they found that they could not manage their care along with their other three children. After spending some time with the girls, Jan and Eric agree to take them into their foster home that includes other children with disabilities.

They've cut down on the fighting by giving each of the girls a roll of quarters. Every time they fight they have to give up a quarter. If they don't fight, they get to keep the money. "It's a good trick," Eric says.

Jan cries when Jennifer explains the $1,000 gift. "I just can't believe this. I mean I just feel so unworthy of this. I just can't believe this," she says. "We're just so blessed by the kids that come into our home that I just feel so unworthy of this."

After composing herself, Jan says she will use the money to "pay it forward" to someone else in need. "That's what we always wind up doing," Eric says.


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