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Days before attending The Oprah Winfrey Show, Scott Shinn loses his job. While difficult, the experience gives him and his wife Alea a fresh perspective on their needs and the needs of others.

Scott takes half of his challenge money and turns it into five $100 gift cards. It's not easy to give them away since he has a hard time telling who needs them. "You can't look at a person and tell whether they are poor or not," he says. "No one would think I'm currently jobless with no income." He adds his last $500 to the money Alea is using to buy blankets and supplies for a women's shelter.

Alea uses the remainder of her challenge money to buy a mattress and other household items for Renee, a mother raising four children in Canton, Michigan. Alea learns about the family from a 12-year-old boy, Jaykob, who befriended one of Renee's sons on the bus. Jaykob says the boy didn't have many friends because other children thought he was "weird" since he has crossed eyes. After becoming friends, Jaykob found out that the boy has been saving coins in a box to pay for an operation to fix his eyes—the result of someone having dropped a cinder block on him when he was younger.

Jaykob tells Alea that he helped his new friend clean his room and discovered that he had no bed. He tried to find an air mattress for the boy but could not and is still very upset about it. That's when Alea and Scott step in. They buy a mattress and other necessities for the family.

"I will never for get this experience and hope to keep giving," Alea says. Scott says that he is looking forward to seeing what others do with their challenge money. "Hopefully, this really starts a revolution."


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