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As soon as Celeste Feggestad takes on Oprah's Pay It Forward Challenge, she knows that she wants to help Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois. Celeste was once a patient at the hospital and says the staff there saved her life. "Now I want to give something back to them, so they can pay it forward to the thousands of other patients who will walk through their hospital doors," Celeste says.

Celeste donates $500 to the hospital's animal-assisted therapy program, which brings dogs to the patients to give them company and comfort. "I think it is very important, and I think it will change a lot of people's lives," she says.

The remaining $500 goes toward the Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment (A.D.O.P.T) animal shelter in Naperville. Celeste wants to buy food and supplies for the shelter, which took in more than a dozen animals from Hurricane Katrina.

Celeste says the challenge helped her realize that her actions can make the world a better place. "I know that hundreds of animals will be saved. Their lives will be saved, and they'll be able to be adopted out to loving families and loving homes," she says. "And I know the patients at these hospitals will be very thankful for the time they got to spend with an animal, to make them feel better, to make them feel less lonely and enlighten their life."

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