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With the help of the Brooklyn Children's Collective, a nonprofit organization that serves young mothers, Darlene Whinfield learns about Miriam Martinez and her family. Miriam is raising three young daughters, going to college and holding down a part-time job—all at just 21 years old!

Darlene wants to help Miriam because she is truly a success story. Miriam dropped out of school when she was 17, after the birth of her second child, but returned two years later and graduated as valedictorian. Now she puts her kids' needs first, while she continues to better her life.

Darlene takes Miriam shopping for shoes and winter coats for her girls and new outfits for the young mother. Their next stop is a beauty salon, where Miriam is treated to a haircut, facial, pedicure and makeup application—the salon is so moved by her story that they donate their services, as well as gift certificates for two follow-up haircuts! While Miriam is looking fantastic, Darlene treats her to a session at a portrait studio, which in turn invites her to bring back the entire family for a free photo session. Finally, Darlene arranges for a delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as other groceries, for the family.

It means a lot to Darlene to help Miriam. "You are a young mom, and you have a lot of challenges you face every day. You're someone who defeated all the odds, and I feel that a woman like you should be celebrated."


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