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Lori Lee Williams worries over how to spend her challenge money until she remembers Bordeaux Elementary School in Shelton, Washington. "I've heard so many things about [it] as far as the kids don't have just crayons, pencils, things that they need in order to just function at school as well as at home," Lori says.

When Lori arrives at the school, principal Carey Murray, second-grade teacher Sarah and school counselor Kathy think they are receiving only $500. But Lori surprises them by donating the entire $1,000! Carey, Sarah and Kathy say the money will be put to good use. "We have a lot of students that live in poverty. …," Carey says. "We have students [who] need coats or shoes or school supplies, backpacks, food—lots of different things."

To help provide for their needs, Kathy says some of the money can be used for the school's food drive and holiday toy collection. Sarah adds that it can also buy much-needed school supplies like crayons and rulers.

"I think the one thing that I come away with this is there are so many needs out there, and if we all just did a little bit, so many people can be blessed by that," Lori says.


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