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Charese Moore and Ella Washington pool their $2,000 to help the Oasis Community Corporation, an organization that sponsors educational after-school programs for children. Charese says that she and Ella want to support OCC's program at Public School 332 in Brooklyn because it gives children a safe, productive place to be after school. "It keeps them from perhaps playing outside and in an environment where it's prone to violence. …," Charese says. "So this gives them that protection in a quality work environment."

After Charese presents the $2,000 to Jakki, the school's program director, the kindness doesn't stop there! Jakki says she will divide a portion of the money among the students so they can have the learning experience of giving to others in need. Jakki also hopes to start a leadership program for the students.

Charese is certain the money will be put to good use. "I know that the people who received the gift will continue to promote happiness, encourage [the children] to remain steadfast in the learning environment and will make their lives better as they explore the vast world outside of their Brooklyn neighborhoods," she says.

Ella says it warms her heart to think about the fun the children will have through the after-school program. "In my mind, I truly believe that some students will no longer have to go home to empty homes, no longer watch hours of TV, and most important, students will not be getting into trouble in the streets," she says.


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