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Rani and Trong Hong of Olympia, Washington, know what it's like to be in need and what it means to give. Both survived harrowing childhoods before coming to the United States to start a new life. They have used profits from a successful real estate development company to build shelters for abused women and children. With $2,000 to spend from the Pay It Forward Challenge, they decide to help a single mother acquire a home of her own and give a hardworking couple some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Lorie and her 14-year-old son Matt are homeless in Olympia. Despite their circumstances, they volunteer at a local mission and help others. The mission in turn decides to give Lorie and Matt a trailer they've been fixing up for the last eight months. Rani and Trong help with repairs and buy clothing and groceries for Lorie and Matt.

Rani and Trong reward two others—Lynette and Charles, tireless volunteers at their church. They treat Lynette to a shopping spree and a makeover. While Lynette is having her hair and nails done, Rani takes Charles out shopping for new clothes. When both emerge in their new outfits, Rani and Trong send them to a romantic dinner!

"We enjoyed the day," says Charles. "We were very surprised and we were blessed with the opportunity to be able to just be able to be taken care of." Lynette adds, "I feel very pampered. I guess the overwhelming feeling is that I was cared about by other people."


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