The Pay It Forward Challenge
Gloria takes two single mothers on a shopping spree.
Through a local pastor and his wife, Gloria Turner of Chicago Heights, Illinois, finds Jamiea and BJ—two young, single mothers with newborns who need a little support. To help out, Gloria takes them on a shopping spree at Wal-Mart!

Two hours after entering the store, Gloria, Jamiea and BJ walk out with six shopping carts overflowing with baby clothes, diapers, groceries and other items to help the new moms get a good start with their babies. "Thanks, Oprah!" they shout to the camera.

After completing the challenge, Gloria says, "I felt like Santa Clause today. Those girls were so appreciative of this shopping spree, and they were very happy as you could see when they left the store. … It was a mind-blowing experience to … give a gift of this magnitude to someone else."