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Adey Assefa uses her Pay It Forward Challenge money to help a youth-led organization in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

Teen Build Up was founded by six high school students who wanted to empower their peers. It educates teens on juvenile justice issues through workshops and programs aimed at reducing the rate of incarceration among Madison youth. The teens plan to use the $1,000 Adey is giving them to expand their programs in the community.

"These teens are viewed as a menace to society and good for nothing, but they combat these stereotypes and work in underprivileged communities (their communities) to spread awareness and uplift other youths with serious life issues," Adey says.

"It gave me joy to be able to give back to a group of teens who already give so much to their communities. The process of doing this humbled me because, with nothing at all, these youths give back on a daily basis and never ask for anything but support and a chance to make a difference in the world."


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