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After receiving their Pay It Forward Challenge money, Kettisha Hernandez-Stamp and Jeremy Stamp hear about a family from Lombard, Illinois, who is in great need. Robert, an 11-year veteran of the Glendale, Illinois, police force died in July, 2006, leaving his wife, Stephanie, and six children, ages 3–15, on their own.

Stephanie is determined to give her children the Christmas that she and Robert were always able to provide. She gives Kettisha a list of a toys—one for each child—that she would not be able to afford alone. The list includes a bike for the 3-year-old, a battery-powered ATV for the 13-year-old, three handheld computer games for the middle children and a TV for the 15-year-old. The Three Oaks Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, Illinois, hears about the Mullanys and donates a weekend getaway for the whole family, including hotel rooms, meals and Christmas stockings for all.

"I'm truly thankful to have so many angels like you to touch our lives," Stephanie tells Kettisha as she gives her the Christmas list.

"It felt great to see the smiles on all of their faces—that was the best," Kettisha says.

Jeremy also enjoys helping the Mullanys, but the experience leaves him with some sadness. "Who is going to take care of them now?" he asks. "While the gifts were generous and will help the kids learn and keep them busy and make them smile a bit, I left sad because this family is going through so much heartache, financial difficulties and need a lot more help."


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