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As a Colorado resident, Janice Stitzer knows a few things about cold weather and the importance of a good coat. She decides to use her Pay It Forward Challenge money to purchase coats for a Denver-based charity, Coats for Colorado.

On her first shopping day, Janice quickly runs through half her money, coming home with a carload of 24 coats. She's off to a good start, but things get much better the next day. Janice heads to Wal-Mart with the rest of her cash, and while she's filling carts with more coats, the staff has a surprise for her—the store is matching her donation with another $1,000. Knowing she has $1,500 to spend, not including the $500 she spent the day before, Janice stocks up and leaves with four carts full of coats!

When Janice arrives at Coats for Colorado, she learns that the charity will match her donation of 88 coats and that the coats she gathered will go to a shelter for battered women. Janice says she wishes she could have done more. "This is only a small drop in the bucket, but I believe that every little bit helps."


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