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Every kid should be able to ride bikes with friends, including Amber, a 10-year-old with a spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy who has never been on a bike. Armed with $1,000 in challenge money, Rebecca Neighbors of Moline, Illinois, is determined to find a way for Amber to have a bike she can ride.

Hal Honeyman of the Bike Rack in St. Charles, Illinois, helps Becky arrange the bike for Amber. Hal, who built his first special-needs bike for his son Jacob, who also has cerebral palsy, fits Amber for her bike. Hal says he will help Becky find additional funding to pay for the bike, which costs more than the $1,000 she is able to donate.

Amber's illness prevents her from thanking Becky with words, but her thousand-watt smile and sparkling eyes say it all. Once the bike arrives, she can ride around with her twin brother, Brad, and her friends. Brad, who does not have cerebral palsy, helps Becky share the happy news with Amber.

"I feel very blessed to have met Amber and spread some joy in a little girl's life who may not have been able to have a tricycle," Becky says. "She now knows she can play with other children when they are outside riding their bikes."


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