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Erica Turner of Chicago Heights, Illinois, divides her Pay It Forward Challenge money and gives $500 to Carol, a spirited 15-year-old girl, and another $500 to Patrick, a man who is going through some hard times.

Erica says Carol has endured more than any teenager should have to bear. Carol does not know her father and her mother is unable to give Carol the support she needs. Despite these circumstances, Carol is determined to stay in school and Erica is determined to help. Erica plans a shopping trip to buy Carol new clothes.

Carol is stunned when she finds out what Erica has in store. Erica and Carol laugh all the way through their trip, and Carol can't shake her disbelief that this is really happening for her.

"Thank you so much," Carol says. "This has been a nice experience—one of the best I've had my whole life. I'm so thankful. When I go back to school, I'm going to have cute school stuff."

Patrick is Erica's second recipient. "I know you've been going through some hard times the past couple months, and I decided to surprise you with a $500 shopping spree."

After the shopping trips, Erica says, "I think my kind act made them feel great, and they are so appreciative."