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Barbara Turrentine-Bowe helps an elderly woman who has moved to Carrboro, North Carolina, after 37 years to care for her twin sister who is ill. Soon after arriving back home, Ida falls ill herself. Since she is unable to care for her sister, they have to move her to a rehabilitation center to get better. Due to her illness, Ida also has a hard time paying her bills. Barbara, who lost a beloved brother in 2004, wants to help Ida get through this difficult time.. She gives Ida $500 to pay her rent and also spends some quality time visiting with her. Ida, who is thankful for the money, is upbeat despite her circumstances. She aims to get better and care for her sister as soon as she is able.

"I'm glad that I moved back home to take care of her," Ida says. "It hasn't worked out just as I wanted it to, but sometimes things don't, but that's okay. We are identical twins and I miss her so much in this house."

Barbara spends the remainder of her money on a picnic for residents of MacDougall Terrance, a public housing complex. The picnic is a joint project with fellow Pay It Forward challenger Melodie Richardson . They cook all morning and have a big celebration for the residents who enjoy a beautiful fall day outside together with their community. Barbara knows the picnic is appreciated. One little boy tells her he has not eaten all day. "My prayer is that is not the norm for him, but in reality, that is how it is for that little boy most of his day," Barbara says. "I know we made a difference. We hope to make it a yearly event."


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