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When Julie Vial was 7 years old, her father passed away, leaving behind his wife and 13 children. Between her father's life insurance and the help of family and friends, Julie's family was able to survive and live well. So, with her Pay It Forward Challenge money, Julie wants to offer the same opportunity to a family dealing with a similar situation.

Through a local agency, Julie learns about Cassandra, who lost her husband in a car accident several years ago. Cassandra has five children, plus one on the way, and her family has plenty of needs. Julie surprises Cassandra with a trip to Wal-Mart to stock up on essentials, as well as some fun things for the kids.

At Wal-Mart, Julie and Cassandra spend over three hours shopping and end up with five carts of goodies. On behalf of the store, the manager chips in another several hundred dollars worth of items, so Cassandra heads home with more than she could have imagined—plus a full tank of gas! Julie is thrilled that she is able to help Cassandra's family but sad that she can't do more. "What I did was just a small dent in what this family actually needs," she says. "I am going to try to continue to help this family as much as I can."


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