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When Darla Underwood heads back to Naperville, Illinois, with her Pay It Forward Challenge money, she isn't sure where to begin. She contacts some local organizations for ideas and comes up with some worthy recipients.

Darla learns about the Quad County Urban League, an organization that prepares young men for their GEDs and provides job training and internships as well. The staff had just sent out a request for hats, coats and gloves for the students, some of whom have attendance problems because they don't have proper winter gear. Darla is stocking up on coats at Wal-Mart when the manager presents her with a donation that allows her to buy even more coats!

A single mother is thrilled to receive the rest of Darla's challenge money. While shopping for clothes for Trinette's two young daughters, Darla learns about some of the family's other needs. At their last stop, she pays one of Trinette's utility bills and purchases a city sticker for her car.

For Darla, the experience is uplifting. "It gave me a sense of fulfillment and peace," she says. "It's amazing when you reach out to other people how it changes your perspective—you're not always looking at your issues or your problems."