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Susan Kurtz, 57, president of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and author of Awakening Beauty, the Dr. Hauschka Way. Daughter Rossibel, 11

Her biggest challenge as a beauty expert and a mother:
"To help Rossibel—whom we adopted from Guatemala—see beauty not simply as a reflection of others' opinions of her but as a reflection of her unique spirit. I think it's every woman's challenge to transform the transient beauty of youth into the sustainable beauty that comes with awakening as you age."

Her most opportune teaching moment: "Rossibel came home one day and told me she wanted red hair. She has this incredible black hair, so I said, 'Let's talk about what looks good on you,' assuring her that her black hair is beautiful and that she didn't need to change what she had."

Her best advice: "Don't try to be someone other than who you are; don't believe in quick fixes or a miracle in a jar. Remember that 'beauty is a gift in youth and an art as we age.'"


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