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Veronica Webb, 41, model. Daughters Molly, 2 (top), and Leila, 3

What she thinks makes a woman beautiful: "Good health and kindness."

The one thing she doesn't want to pass along to her daughters: "I was obsessed with my hair when I was younger, and I don't want my girls to be obsessed. They both have curly hair, and Leila has the kind of gigantic curls I had as a kid. I want them to know that their hair is absolutely beautiful the way it is and that they just need to take care of it. I'm against processing, because unless you have very dense, thick, coarse hair, it ruins it. Also, I think when you start fighting your biology, you're in a losing battle."

The one thing she did before she became a mother that she'd never do now: "I sacrificed what was good for my health to look a certain way. I permed my hair, which was bad for it, and I dieted on coffee and cigarettes."

Her best advice: "To be beautiful, you have to eat well and exercise. Don't put unhealthy stuff into your body."


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