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"I was getting ready to celebrate my 30th birthday. On a Friday night, I along with some girlfriends went out to our favorite restaurant/bar, one of the hottest spots in Hollywood, where we were friends with the owner and staff. This particular night the owner had a friend in town visiting from New York. A high-profile hairstylist. It wasn't uncommon for the owner to invite a few people to stay after closing. It was a relaxed time, where he would whip us up a little nosh and we would just hang out and talk a bit. The stylist decided he wanted to do some hair, right there, by candlelight. And we let him. Well he was very excited to get his hands on my head, praising the work that he'd done on Grace Jones. So the buzzers and clippers began. I didn't really 'see' the final result till the next morning, where I'm sure my scream could be heard all the way to the east coast. My scream was so deafening because this next morning was Saturday, the Saturday that I had my photo shoot for my 30th birthday invitations! The photographer was booked solid and in order to get the invites out on time, I had to do the shoot. Shot after shot seemed to take forever and nothing was working for me. All I kept thinking about was my hair. He had shaved my temples so far back, it wasn't the beautiful Grace Jones I identified with, it was more like an alien character on Star Trek. I had to snap out of it and tap into my creative imaging, so finally I covered my temples and suggested to the photographer that we do a portrait shot. And low and behold out of the hundreds of proofs this was THE one. It ended up being the best invite cover. I have a blow up of it framed in my living room and receive tons of compliments, even twenty years later. So to look at the picture, most people think it was an intentional pose. But it wasn't, I was trying to hide an ugly hair cut by covering up my badly shaved off temples. Thank you, Robin."

Robin K.
Los Angeles, CA