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"This photo was taken at Disney World. At that time, we had been together for 5 years, and the trip to Disney was a gift from me to him for our anniversary. The entire trip was planned so I could surprise him by finally setting a wedding date. I had created a handmade save-the-date card, and I planned to give it to him as the fireworks went off on our first night at the magical theme park.

We had an amazing day together, and as the big moment arrived, I slipped the piece of paper (which I had been carefully protecting in my pocket all day) into my hand. In front of us stood a newlywed couple wearing the wedding mouse ears, the fireworks were lighting up the castle, people were kissing, the moment was exactly how I had envisioned it. I turned to my fiance, expecting to be swept into his arms, and instead....he was taking pictures.

I gently tried to pull his hand away from the camera and into mine, and I asked him to please put his arm around me. He turned to me, clearly annoyed, and said, "Why do you have to ruin this? I just want to take pictures!"

I was devastated. I slipped the little handmade save-the-date card back into my pocket, and I cried there in the dark as I watched the newlyweds kiss. Just then, my oblivious fiance turned to me as the finale began and yelled over the booms, 'Let's get our picture with the castle in the background!'

And so, a picture was taken, me in tears and wedding veiled Minnie Mouse in the background. Several months later, the engagement was called off. My own internal fireworks had gone off that night too - I needed a man that knew how to make real memories, not just create picture perfect moments."

Angela P.
Nashville, TN


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