Dr. Robin Smith
As Easter Sunday approaches, Dr. Robin says the idea of Christ's resurrection from the dead can be a reminder for all of us, despite our religion or beliefs, to start anew this spring. "For something to be raised from the dead means that something had to die," Dr. Robin says. Is there something in your life that needs to die so that your best life can be birthed and live?

What is it you need to get rid of? What is it that has been occupying space and taking up room in your mind, in your relationships or in your marriage that needs to die so you can really live? "Look at what you have been holding on to," Dr. Robin says. "Is there something you have been terrified of letting go of, something that just feels scary to think of existing in the world without it?"

While giving up a dead-end job, dream or relationship might be difficult, Dr. Robin says it could be the start of a new beginning. "Maybe it is scary to think about living without something, but I will tell you what is even scarier—to live your life and hold on to things that are dead already," Dr. Robin says.
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