Best Mother Ever to Try Hypnotizing Her Son Into Assassinating the Future Leader of the Free World

Angela Landsbury, The Manchurian Candidate

Best Daughter Ever to Turn Into Her Own Mother Thanks to a Most Unfortunate Fortune Cookie Accident

Lindsay Lohan, Freaky Friday

Best Son Ever to Turn Into His Own Mother Thanks to a Most Unfortunate Break With Reality

Anthony Perkins, Psycho

Best Cool Mom Who Couldn't Possibly Be Less Cool

Amy Poehler, Mean Girls

Best Not Cool Mom Who Actually Turns Out to Be Totally Cool

Frances McDormand, Almost Famous

Best Mommie Ever to Show a Strong Predilection for Wood Hangers

Faye Dunaway, Mommie Dearest

Best Mother Ever to Blow Her Life On the World's Most Bratty Daughter

Joan Crawford, Mildred Pierce

Best Mother Ever to Make His Son Cringe Each Time She Opens Her Mouth

Debbie Reynolds, Mother

Best Stage Mother Ever to Bulldoze Her Daughter Into Burlesque

Rosalind Russell, Gypsy

Best Mother Ever to Bake a Ham for Woody Allen

Colleen Dewhurst, Annie Hall