Best. Mother. Ever.

40 unforgettable movie moms who stole our hearts... and innocence... and a daughter's boyfriend or two.

Best Mother Ever to Become a Touch Confused by Her "My Daughter, My Sister, My Daughter, My Sister" Family Tree

Faye Dunaway, Chinatown

Best Mothers Ever to Root for Their Children's Happiness

Beah Richards & Katherine Hepburn, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Best Mother Ever to Go Out With a Bang and Traumatize an Entire Generation of Filmgoers

Jane Doe, Bambi

Best Mother Ever to Cook an Italian Feast When Her Sociopathic Son and His Buddies Drop By to Borrow a Shovel

Catherine Scorseese, Goodfellas

Best Mother Ever to Insist That Her Daughter Receive Pain Medication in a Timely Fashion

Shirley Maclaine, Terms of Endearment

Best Stepmother Ever to Hire a Male Model to Pretend to Be Her Stepdaughter's Boyfriend in Front of Some Nasty Kids

Julia Roberts, The Stepmother

Best Mother Ever to Leave Her Children in Very Good Hands

Susan Sarandon, The Stepmother

Best Mother Ever to Hit the Road

Barbara Streisand, The Guilt Trip

Best Mother Ever to Juggle Work (as a Sex Therapist) With Child Rearing

Helen Hunt, The Sessions

Best Mother Ever to Make You Grateful for Your Own Mother

Mo'Nique, Precious