Best. Mother. Ever.

40 unforgettable movie moms who stole our hearts... and innocence... and a daughter's boyfriend or two.

Best Mother Ever to Turn Cougar On the Guy Who Would Become Her Daughter's Boyfriend

Anne Bancroft, The Graduate

Best Mother Ever to Make Ends Meet

Dianne Carroll, Claudine

Best Mama Ever to Not Be Thrown from a Train

Anne Ramsey, Throw Mama from the Train

Best Mother Ever to Have Her Skirt Inadvertently Twirl Up (sans Panties) at Her Daughter's Birthday Party

Shirley MacLaine, Postcards from the Edge

Best Mother Ever to Beat Someone to Death With a Leg of Lamb

Kathleen Turner, Serial Mom

Best Mother Ever to Have the Door Closed in Her Face During a Sneak Visit With Michael Corleone's Children

Diane Keaton, The Godfather

Best Mother Ever to Go the Ultra-Conservative Route Over Dinner With Her Son's Fiancee and Her Right-Wing Folks

Nathan Lane, The Birdcage

Best Mother Ever to Send Her Daughter to the Lousiest Prom in History

Piper Laurie, Carrie

Best Mother to Finally Grasp That "An Accident Can Be an Unhappy Woman's Best Friend"

Kathy Bates, Dolores Claiborne

Best Mother Ever to Have Her Baby Eaten by a Dingo

Meryl Streep, A Cry in the Dark