Dr. Robin Smith
Do you feel you're more knowledgeable than wise or the other way around? Instead of choosing one attribute over another, Dr. Robin says you should strive for both. "Don't put yourself in one camp or another," she says. "Decide that you are going to enlist and sign up for the camp of knowledge and the camp of wisdom and you are going to integrate both."

While you may be intellectually smart and have several degrees, Dr. Robin says there's still room for wisdom. "[Don't] get stuck is in this world where you have all the data, you have all the information, but you don't have the wisdom," she says. The same goes for someone who is wise—you can't live on wisdom alone, Dr. Robin says. "Maybe you are really wise; maybe your gut instinct is really clear … but, in all honesty, you are really slacking when it comes to knowledge," she says.

Try to bring together knowledge and wisdom and apply it to every area of your life, Dr. Robin says. "Whatever it is you are dealing with, you need knowledge, you need facts, you need data and you need the soulfulness and the resilience of ancient wisdom," she says.