Michael Losier
How have you been applying the law of attraction to your life and how has it been working for you? Everything we do in life is in alignment to something else, Michael says. When we are ready for something to come into our lives, we can wait for it to happen or we can deliberately attract it. Michael discusses how to deliberately attract good things to your life and talks to callers about how the law of attraction has worked for them.

How to Deliberately Attract What You Desire:

  • Identify what you want. Michael says the best way to identify what you want is by figuring out what it is that you don't want.
  • Give attention to what you want. Whether you look at or dream about it every day, Michael says the most important step is to pay attention to everything that is showing up in your life.
  • Celebrate your manifestations. Celebrate what it is you are receiving and celebrate the power of the law of attraction and more will come your way.