Michael Losier
Are you only getting a fraction of what you truly desire? Do the things you want take too long to come your way? If that's the case, Michael says you may need to work on the "allowing" part of the manifestation process. He talks about how to allow the law of attraction to work for you so you can create the life you want.

According to Michael, "allowing" is the absence of negative vibrations or doubt. The best way to allow anything is to remove doubt, he says. So how do you remove doubt? "Find proof or evidence," he says. "When we can prove something or we can get evidence, that helps us whittle away the doubt, and things can come to us much faster and much smoother."

Michael says the proof you need is all around you—it's everything and anything that you have desired, given attention and attracted. The more you notice the things you've attracted, the less doubt you will have and the more you will manifest, he says. "Become a seeker of proof, and start seeking things that you can say, 'That's here because of me!'"