Swimwear Designer Malia Mills' Guide to Inspiration
malia mills
Tell us about your mission statement, "Love thy differences."
It's fundamentally wrong to dread swimsuit season; when you wear a suit, it's about vacation, friends, and family. If we could all put one on, look past any body image issue, and say, "I'm a rock star and I'm going to work this," we'd get through the day much better.

What's the best part of your job?
When a woman is not psyched to enter the dressing room, and then she steps out in one of my designs and her inner badass emerges: bright eyes, fierce posture.

How does the fashion industry still surprise you?
Its extraordinary complexity. What's happening around the world affects fashion: Droughts can drive up cotton prices; a war in the Middle East can bump up shipping costs. Not to mention the connections between women's rights and labor laws. Just clothes? Hardly!

Malia Mills on the everyday things that inspire her