Dr. Robin Smith
How many times have you said to yourself, "I'm searching for the right answer." For example—Do I keep the job? Do I stay in the marriage? Where should I live? Should we adopt a child?

Oftentimes, we're not getting good answers to our questions. Dr. Robin says it's because we're asking ourselves the wrong questions. "You've got to learn to love the questions," she says. How do you think you can make the right decisions, whatever they may be, if you're not asking the right questions?

Dr. Robin says, in her own life, she's asked a question over and over and over again, only to get the same answer over and over and over again. "Start loving the questions—not just tolerating the questions you need to ask, but begin to love them, to see them as your pathway," she says. In many cases, when you focus on changing the question to the correct one, the answers come easily. "They're the lights; they're the candles that are going to get you to the very place that you've been looking for," she says.

Dr. Robin says to think about something that you've been trying to find the answer to. Begin to ask yourself new, specific, concrete questions, she says—those questions will become your candles, your flashlights that light your way to the answers and decisions.