Dr. Robin Smith
You hop on a plane for a big meeting or engagement and—due to new security regulations—you can't bring your makeup in your carry-on. So you check it in your luggage, which ends up being lost, and you only have a few hours before the gala begins. What to do? When that happened to Dr. Robin, she was faced with a choice: get very upset or stay calm and try to find a solution.

Dr. Robin talks about the choices we make and how they define us. When you are faced with a situation that you really have no control over—when you're backed up against the wall—do you freak out or do you take a deep breath? Does your blood pressure go up or do you calmly try to problem solve?

Instead of getting upset about her lost luggage, Dr. Robin says she stayed calm and was offered assistance by the person who picked her up from the airport. "When things don't work out the way that we want them to, I really believe that we create our own reality, we create our own destiny, we create our own outcome," Dr. Robin says. "You can either invite the angel out in someone else who decides they want to go the extra mile; they want to help you … figure out how to get your situation addressed. Or you can invite the jerk out in them."

"Whether or not I'm being gracious has a lot to do with the other person being gracious. … When you're pushed up against the wall, how you deal with it and who comes to your aid has everything to do with your attitude."