Dr. Robin Smith
Losing someone you love is always difficult. Life can feel groundless, regardless of whether your relationship with that person was rich, warm and loving, or troubled, empty and vacant. "It still leaves such complexity to deal with the death," Dr. Robin says.

Dr. Robin says whether you've lost your father, your mother, your sibling or your child, it's important for you to acknowledge and accept that you're now a member of a club of people who are facing the same thing. Membership in the club offers you the beauty of never being alone in your anguish and the reality that there's no time like the present to embrace the ones you love, Dr. Robin says.

"Take that membership, be gentle with yourself, be gentle with the others who are in that club," Dr. Robin says. "Open your own heart in a new way, in a sensitive way, with a new awareness and a new gentleness about what it means to be thrown into membership you didn't ask for."

Dr. Robin says it's important to take a moment to talk to the people who are still alive today, before it's too late.

"Take advantage of today," she says. "Maybe pick up the phone and call your spouse, your parent, your grandparent or your child and say, 'You know what? Just wanted to tell you that I love you, or I appreciate you.' … Use today wisely."