Dr. Robin Smith
Have you ever thought it would be better to live in someone else's world rather than to live in your own? Perhaps you thought it would be easier to conform to their beliefs rather than challenge them. Or maybe you decided it would be safer to follow their rules than create your own.

Although at times it may seem easier to reshape ourselves to fit someone else's life, the only place that you can really thrive in is a world that you create, design and shape. "If you don't live in your own world, if you don't choose to embrace that which is uniquely yours—who you are, what you value, what you believe in, what is good for your own soul and spirit and mind—you can't live in that other person's world," she says.

Dr. Robin says that even though you may fear rejection, or losing a friendship, or ending up alone, what you should really be concerned about is abandoning your own sense of self. "This is all really speaking to the issue of fear, how afraid you are right now to be who it is you are, how scared you are … [that] you're going to end up being by yourself," she says. "That's simply not true."

Decide today to desire and dwell in your own life, Dr. Robin says. "You've got to report fully for duty and decide that you're going to embrace the reality that it's absolutely better to live in your own world than to live without yourself in the world of someone else," she says.
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