Dr. Robin Smith
Have you ever experienced a great loss or trauma in your life that caused you to lose your flame—that inner light within you, that spark of life, your hope, your energy, or even your will to live? Maybe it was the death of a loved one, or a divorce, or a disease—something that made you feel like your flame had gone out and your fire had been extinguished?

Dr. Robin challenges each of us to become our own candle that burns light for ourselves. When your own inner light is strong, Dr. Robin says that no one person or event can have the power to take your light away. "No one should have the power to put [you] in darkness, no one should have the ability to wipe out you being your own bright candle and being light for yourself," she says.

When you become your own candle and burn light for yourself, Dr. Robin says you can endure anything that comes your way. "You can walk into a room and you light your own path, and you light the way and you create the light that you need in your home and at parties and in your own despair," she says. "You have found a way to be your own light."