Dr. Robin Smith
Have you played by the rules, done exactly what you thought you were supposed to do, and life still didn't turn out as you had expected? Perhaps you planned to be married by a certain age, or have a certain number of children, or a certain title or rank in your career…but it just hasn't happened?

When you find yourself constantly struggling, climbing uphill and going against the tide, Dr. Robin says it means that you're going in the wrong direction. "Life is not meant to be that kind of struggle," she says. "Of course there's hard work, but when you're working in the right direction, when you've partnered with the universe, when you're on the right street that life has for you, there is effort but it is not effort against the tide."

Instead of being fearful, lamenting your fate, or being jealous of others, Dr. Robin says to throw out your itinerary and realize the life that is trying to break forth for you instead. "I didn't say throw your dreams out, I didn't say throw your hopes and expectations out," she says. "I said throw out the part of you that put your feet in the cement and said, 'I'm going to do it this way, I'm only going to do it with this person, I'm only going to do it in this part of the country, I'm unwilling to allow my life to unfold, I'm unwilling to let my life become what it was meant to be.'"

Dr. Robin says that none of us can predict our life's journey, let alone force it to happen. Rather, we must let it happen. "There is a life that is waiting for you, right now," she says. "There's an opportunity that is sitting with your name on it, but you can't have it because you are on the wrong street. Get off of that street—it is a dead end."
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