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1. A.D. 64
Roman emperor Nero marries male buddy Pythagoras. (Aw!) Then marries male buddy Sporos, but only after having him castrated. (Ew.)

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2. 1600
Shakespeare writes third play in which cross-dressing female is central to plot; confusing, given that all female parts already played by male actors.

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3. 1860
153 years of orientation speculation launched by Walt Whitman's sweet lines "We two boys together clinging, / One the other never leaving."
Mae West

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4. 1927
Firebrand Mae West writes play—The Drag—about life in closet. Broadway premiere foiled by NYPD; visionary play still performed today.

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5. 1950
Lesbian pulp novels start to heat up publishing landscape; saucy titles (Anything Goes; We, Too, Must Love; The Girls in 3B...) abound.
Robin Tyler

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6. 1978
Robin Tyler releases first comedy album by out lesbian; later quips, "If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in sick to work." Zing!

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7. 1994
Pro: Ikea runs groundbreaking TV ad featuring two gay men. Con: Ikea customers of all orientations still forced to assemble own furniture.
Ellen DeGeneres

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8. 1997
Ellen DeGeneres reveals sexuality in Time magazine, discusses decision on—what else?—The Oprah Winfrey Show.
will and grace

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9. 1998
NBC sitcom Will & Grace helps mainstream TV come out of closet; bestows Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally on grateful world.
big gay ice cream

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10. 2009
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck charms New Yorkers with the "Bea Arthur" (vanilla with dulce de leche and Nilla Wafer crumbs, for the Bea-curious).

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11. 2010
Sex advice columnist Dan Savage creates the "It Gets Better Project" web campaign; thousands inspired to record videos of support for LGBT youth.

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12. 2012
Saturday Night Live hires first openly lesbian cast member, Kate McKinnon (she of the spot-on Ann Romney impression). Bless her.

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