9 Strangers Who Can Change Your Life
You never would have expected it, but that cabdriver might be a spiritual teacher in disguise.
1. The Good Samaritan Who Accidentally Introduces You to Pho
Of course it's nice when a kindhearted stranger returns the wallet you thought was stolen; and, of course, that makes your day. But occasionally, these acts of everyday kindness create some minor lifetime bonds. Maybe you accidentally drop your smartphone in front of a Vietnamese restaurant, and the busboy finds it and calls your dad. Not only did he pick it up, but he was thoughtful enough to find the phone number labeled "Dad." From that day on you patronize the restaurant as often as possible, discover a love of the delicious hot noodle soup called Pho and eventually plan your world travels based on your noodley revelation—you see where I'm going here? Yet another reason to be kind, and to move always in the direction of kindness. You never know what new discoveries lie in wait.