Dr. Robin Smith
Recently Dr. Robin was helping a friend shop for a computer, a rather common purchase for many of us, but Dr. Robin says her friend was agonizing over the choices available. Dr. Robin says often when we have a decision to make, we seem to look for some big revelation that will steer us in the right direction. "You may have big decisions to make, or little ones, and you have been sitting back waiting for that big, thunderous reality to come forth and speak to you out of the clouds, telling you what to do," she says. Dr. Robin says that is not the way things work, in fact, she says every decision you make is up to you and only you.

It's up to you what kind of computer you buy, it is up to you who you marry or if you marry. While there may never be a big thunderous voice revealing to you how to live your life, Dr. Robin says your own voice will shine through. "It is going to come in the still, a small voice that speaks to you of the truth, of what you need and what you don't," she says.

Praying for guidance and asking friends and family members for advice will help you gather the information you need to make an important decision. Dr. Robin says appealing to friends and family, to their wisdom and their sense of knowing who you are will help you gather the information you need when making decisions or taking the next step in life. While some decisions are difficult to make, you are ultimately the only person who has the final say; and Dr. Robin says sometimes you just need to make a decision, do what you need to do and then go live your life.
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