Dr. Robin Smith
How have you wrestled with preferences in your life? Do you ever wonder if it's OK to pick a private school over a public school? Maybe you've wondered if it was acceptable to choose no faith, when everyone around you is religious. Perhaps your parents taught you to always be courteous and accept invitations, even when you didn't want to go.

Dr. Robin says it is OK to have preferences. Think about who you are and what matters to you, and make choices based on you own personal preferences, she says.

"I'm not talking about prejudices; I'm not talking about biases," Dr. Robin says. "I'm talking about knowing who you are, what you like, what your values are, what keeps you safe, what makes you feel respected, and honoring yourself so that you don't get yourself in traps that aren't working for you."

Dr. Robin says not only is it OK to have preferences, it's your right. The danger in not understanding the issue of preference, she says, is that you can end up settling for anything and then you can become resentful.

"Embrace that you have every right to have preferences," Dr. Robin says. "We are entitled to prefer one thing over another."
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