Dr. Robin Smith
Too often, we tend to blame our circumstances on individuals or forces outside ourselves. "My boss is rude, and therefore I don't like my job." "My spouse is distant, therefore I feel alone." "My children are disrespectful, and therefore I am resentful." It's easy to point the finger at someone else.

Dr. Robin urges us to challenge that mentality, and shares this important mantra: "If it's to be, it starts with me."

"A lot of change and transformation in your life occurs not because someone else is different, not because their attitude got better, but because your attitude improved," Dr. Robin says. Stop blaming others and make the change in attitude begin with you, she says. When you start making the effort to change, the conflicts in your life can begin transforming.

"If you really mean business about living life to the fullest, living your best life, what is required is that you begin the change and the transformation," Dr. Robin says. "Start letting your motto be, 'If it's to be, it starts with me.'"