If You Are Inspiring, Your Holidays Will Be Too
Mile-long shopping lists, work fatigue, cranky relatives and demanding children means it's natural to feel stressed out at the holidays. But Deepak Chopra says you can change it all just by changing who you are in each situation. Find out how!
Deepak Chopra
We all know the complaints: family grievances, stressful shopping, never enough time to get everything done, fatigue and collapse. Therapists brace themselves for the holidays as depressed patients become more depressed, addictive patients become more addicted and winter grayness casts its pall.

So let's change this picture. The holiday season was meant to be the most inspired time of year. It's an idealistic season when the outer world sleeps so that the inner world can flourish.

The secret to making your holiday inspiring is actually quite simple. Be inspiring yourself. As with any change, you must be the change you want to see in others. But how does that come about? Here are some suggestions:

Let's go through each of these points one at a time because each one has the potential to make this a season of joy.