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Stay Out of the Box That Others Want to Put You In
Why do you feel that your family has stuffed you into a box? Why won't they treat you as a person who has changed and moved on? Let's be honest. When we see our families, the past takes over. We have a mental image of children, parents, friends and relatives that is rooted in behavior from childhood. Clinging to the past is the same as clinging to a false perspective.

If you don't want to be stuffed into a box, the answer is fairly simple. Treat others as if they have moved on, and they will do the same for you. That bratty kid brother is now an adult. That sister whose boyfriend you had a crush on is no longer a girl competing for dates. See everyone in the light of the future. If you can identify where anyone wants to go tomorrow, you have the best chance of relating to them today. So see today as the beginning of the future , not the tail end of the past.



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