Dr. Robin Smith
Do you worry that you won't be remembered after death? Do you wonder who will think of you after you're gone; whether anyone will celebrate your life? If you don't feel important enough to anyone, or think that you won't be remembered, Dr. Robin says the first person who has to acknowledge that you will be remembered is you.

Dr. Robin says it's important to cultivate the relationships in your life where people can cherish you. "You don't wait until you die and you have a funeral for people to celebrate you," Dr. Robin says. "You make sure that you are drawing and attracting the right kinds of people into your life who smile and light up when you walk into the room; that when you have a sadness, they cry and they grieve as you grieve."

Dr. Robin urges you to seize this moment and mark that you've been here. "The universe has said that you are here for a reason and a purpose," Dr. Robin says. "Invite those people who are part of your world to confirm what you already know—that you're here."