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Step Two: Determine Your Type of Group
  • Open Group: This may be a group with an unlimited number of members. For example, this type of group might meet at a bookstore to discuss a chapter of a book every week (or every month). Or the group might meet at a health club to discuss and work on fitness techniques. With an open group, there is no commitment to attend.
  • Closed Group: This group has a finite number of members. If you want equal time, six to eight members are best. If not, the group can be larger. There is a commitment to attend (we recommend a three month expectation to start)—for example, a cooking club may feature one group member's dishes each time it meets.

How Often Will You Meet?
We recommend that you schedule your meetings three months in advance to make planning easy and to demonstrate your commitment to the group.

Meeting weekly is best, bi-weekly is next and monthly works well when you buddy up with someone to check in with during the week. Remember that the goal is to stay in action!


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