How to Savor Your Time
Are you wasting time trying to finish the tasks on your endless to-do list? Try Karen Salmansohn's five tips to live a more mindful life.
Thinking woman
Allow Only 9 Minutes of Negative Thoughts a Day
Shrink your negativity into "nuggetivity." Only allow yourself to think negative thoughts for three minutes, three times a day.

Not only will you save many hours previously wasted on negative thoughts and whining to others, you will also find when you stop spending energy on worry, fear and complaining, you're better able to stay positively focused on finding solutions and more likely to attract positive results. The main reason why hindsight comes with 20/20 vision is because when everything is done, you're no longer distracted by negative, fearful emotions. Removing this emotional static is like getting cable hookup—not only is the picture of your life clearer, you have more viewing options. The more perspectives you have, the better shot you have at finding the right path to getting what you want and locating your misplaced miracle.