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Will Ferrell - Cancer for College
"Every year I host a golf tournament for my friend Craig Pollard's organization, Cancer for College. Craig and I met at the University of Southern California, and after graduation, when I was starting out as a stand-up, Craig would always come laugh at my dumb jokes. He'd fought off cancer twice, and in 1993, he set up a charity that awarded scholarships to cancer survivors. When children have cancer, a lot of their families' financial resources go toward treatment, and often they don't have enough money left for college. There's so much emphasis on finding a cure—and there should be—but there's very little emphasis on what to do once you're in remission. This organization helps people pick up the pieces. At first I'd send a donation because of my friendship with Craig, but after I met the kids the organization helps, I was smitten. They're extraordinary—the most motivated young people you will ever meet, doing things like double-majoring in oncology and nursing. I joke with them, 'You guys are lazy. You really need to do something with your lives.' That always gets a laugh."

How you can help: You can buy creative gifts (like a cowbell autographed by Will Ferrell), follow them on Facebook, donate, or check their website for upcoming events.

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