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Q: My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006. After seven operations and many other complications, she does not seem to be winning this battle. I have prayed for a miracle, and I still believe it could happen, but if it doesn't, I do not want to become a bitter, angry person. How do I get through whatever God has planned for us and still keep my faith strong? There are contradictory messages in my search for understanding, joy and peace. Please help a grieving mother.

— Linda K., Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Dear Linda,

I join with everyone reading this in sending love to you and your daughter. And we pray:

Dear God,
Please heal Linda's daughter
And overshadow her healers.
Send the Light of Life to her spirit and to her body.
Please send angels to comfort both mother and daughter,
And work every miracle they need.

I join with you in absolute conviction that God Himself holds this situation in His hands. May you both be healed and may you both be blessed.


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