19 Things That Just Aren't Fair (and How to Cope with Them Anyway)

Recognizing a few of life's little injustices is the first step to getting past them. Columnist Leigh Newman explains.

Getting a parking ticket for being two minutes late getting back to your car. Which clearly violates the understanding we have with the Mighty Powers of the Universe which require a tiny bit of kindness from even the grimmest meter maid. But which can be fixed by using this app that lets you pay your meter on your smartphone without leaving your meeting.

Nice haircutter. Bad haircut. You feel too bad to ask her to fix it. Ask her anyway—nicely.

Your friend takes up knitting and instantly produces the world's most perfect snowflake sweater. Unbeknownst to her, you have been trying to knit for years and have bought all kind of books and patterns and hooks—all of which have ended up in a horribly tragic tangle of overpriced yarn. Admit your envy, celebrate her triumph, pay her to knit you some socks.

Your parents name you Blueberry—and they're not even hippies.



Bedbugs plus lice.