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Nate Berkus: Growing Up with Two Holidays
My parents divorced when I was little. So, I grew up celebrating with both sides of my family. On the Golden side, we had our Hanukkah traditions, and on the Berkus side, we had Christmas. As a kid, I was fascinated by it all and really came to appreciate each celebration. My siblings on both sides, however, had to have thought I was making out like a bandit.

One tradition that stands out was how my brothers—Steven, Dan and Bob—and me would draw straws as to who had wake up our father on Christmas morning. Each year, the race was on to open the gifts under the Christmas tree—of course, it was a much more energized activity at age 12 than it is now. But, with the arrival of nieces and nephews, the tug is there, once again, to wake at the crack of dawn and rip open those presents.

Nate Berkus is the host of his own show The Nate Berkus Show, author of the national best-seller Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live into a Place You’ll Love, and the founder of interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates in Chicago.

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