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Our display of 20 Christmas trees began when we first moved into our house 25 years ago and found that one tree was just not big enough for all of our decorations, many of which we received from our students at school. So we put up a second tree in the front hall. With that, our trees took on themes. The living room was Santa's tree or the giving tree. The front hall was the Victorian tree. The one in our bedroom became the All-Season Tree—staying up all year and decorated for the season. When we put one up in the family room after Mary Ann assured me that she didn't think we'd put up any more trees, we covered it with all white ornaments and she proudly proclaimed, "That's s'no tree!" The one in the dining room really does snow!

On the deck is our bird's tree covered with suet, cranberries, popped corn and bird seed. Then there's my husband's fishing tree, the kitchen baking tree, the '50s tree, the north woods tree and several other smaller trees throughout the house…plus four small trees outside the front door. We even decorate a Colorado spruce tree, which we planted about seven years ago. The garland on the dining room and living room windows and up the front hall stairs add to the Christmas wonderland. The 6-foot wreath on the front of the house and the smaller ones to either side of the garage complete the front of the house. The blowup Santa's Toyland sits outside the family room window for guests in our house to appreciate.

Frank of Inverness, Illinois

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