Dr. Oz meets Dr. Dan Bell and his wife, Suzie Bell.
Everyday heroes don't always make headlines. Some aren't strong, brave or even old enough to drive, but these men, women and children step up when times are tough.

Along with People magazine, Oprah's celebrating random acts of kindness and saluting those who take the time to help neighbors, strangers and single moms.

In Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Dr. Oz meets one couple who's doing just that.

When their small, working-class town was hit hard by the country's economic crisis, Dr. Dan Bell and his wife, Suzie, made it their mission to make sure everyone in their community had access to free healthcare. Soon after, they started the ECHO Health Clinic.

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"We were looking at how you really live your faith," Dr. Bell says. "We're at the age where you're looking at, 'Are you doing all you can do with your life and finishing strong?'"